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In elementary school, Kansas native Ethan Martin’s interest in music was piqued when an orchestra performed at his school. He began playing the viola, but quit once he realized becoming a proficient violist required  that much practice.  He restarted with lyrics, singing and rapping early on, but picked up guitar and bass in high school and never stopped.  Local bands who could back him had styles that differed greatly from his, and area producers weren’t creating with top-tier sounds; so, he started producing his own music. While Ethan can appreciate those catchy anthem-style songs with a range of sounds, he prefers making music of minimalism – a soft keyboard and percussion are his standard. A lot of Ethan’s recent content has focused on his struggle to be a full time artist, as well as becoming the version of himself that deserves to succeed. Like his production style, Ethan’s lyrics are simplistic. He uses imagery and timing to deliver messages that are easy to understand, feel, and relate to. His personal style and branding are just as laid back. Still, everyone who hears his music find him to be unique.  It's simple because it's authentic. Ethan has also been collaborating with Indiana-based producer Supreme Swan to write Obscurity, plus a few extra beats and songs just because.  Thanks to his efforts on social media and with digital streaming services, Ethan has had a steady stream of new listeners every month. To broaden his audience, he planned events in an area there weren't many, then moved across the country to Las Vegas to create more opportunities. As Ethan works to solidify his brand, he looks forward to performing on the west coast and back in the midwest, aiming to tour with bigger artists on shows across the country. Not too concerned with seeing radio play, he’d like music placements in movies, TV shows, and commercials. While Ethan is primarily a singer, his production ability has worked wonders for his reach internationally.  He runs a beat store for supplemental income that has come with the opportunity to collaborate with artists in other parts of the world. . Artistically, Ethan wants to do what comes naturally. Ultimately, he wants to make a living out of just living life. He knows what people are drawn to, and that’s what he intends to deliver.

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